Timcheh market

Means a small team or small inn inn Timcheh means of. But in the contemporary small homes and closed the inn or, say Timcheh. Timcheh proper venues for precious goods such as carpets, away from the wind, rain and sun damage creates. Therefore Timcheh space is often more expensive than the INNS economy and a lower price for the supply of goods is Nmyshdh

Timcheh more than a two-floor building, each floor has several rooms

Branch covered Timcheh on the market over 200 years old . Timcheh architectural style of this period was derived from the architectural symbols of old monuments, traditions, customs, and history of the period is considered as an identity document . Hand woven and art in the city from other parts of the border separated SHAHREZA and canvas, and a variety of hand-woven from high quality type of art that artists enthusiastically this country is woven into market supply and timcha. . Including Timcheh of Records and can be valuable in Timcheh Haj Seyed Reza Mirza, trust, Rajai, Haji Syed Ismail, pious, black and Timcheh Salehi noted that the types of rugs, woolen cloth, felt and carpet manufacturing and providing . Today the inn as warehouse and dock Timcheh and used . That the reconstruction of the historical sites will further boost . Despite the numerous malls and markets Timcheh Branch and its still increasing as the economic hub of the city, the main origin Branch needs and the needs of everyday people is still increasing and the market as a hub Timcheh 


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